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The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls.

-- Pablo Picasso

Art Supplies in Action

A Community to Chat about Art Supplies and Art

What kind of art supply community is this?

This community is about using art supplies. We don't want art supplies to waste away on a shelf when so much fun can be had using them.

It doesn't have to be artsy-fartsy Art with a capital A. You might simply enjoy playing around with the materials, having fun with the colours. Either way, it's about using those art supplies.

The Tools Do Matter

While no art supply can improve your skills, or magically make you a better artist, they still matter.

You can just use a school pencil and scrap paper. For getting ideas out of your head, they are a good choice. Being so cheap, you won’t be afraid to just use them. Okay, that’s presuming the pencil point doesn’t break in the middle of a sketch, or inside the pencil sharpener. We all know from experience that there’s a difference between cheap versus crappy art supplies.

The materials we use are part of the process, and the process is really all we have

Creating is just as much about the process as it is about the result. Most of the time we don’t know what the result will be. We only have a rough idea or feeling. The process of making leads the way. The materials are important because each material reacts differently to the other materials it’s used with. The same pen or watercolour paint might look different on each paper you use.

Each art supply feels different to use. That influences the way you use it and yields a different result. Those are two good reasons why the supplies matter. They feel different to use, and they yield different results. And, of course, they are also just fun to play with 😃

Get answers share your knowledge

Sometimes you just don’t know the right materials, or you don’t know the techniques to create what you want.

You might want to know things like this:

What’s the best white or metallic marker for dark paper which doesn’t give off fumes that make me loopy?

Which paper works best with Copic markers and doesn’t require an additional mortgage?

Is there a non-toxic varnish for crayons and watercolour?

Why are the colours I mix 50 shades of mud?

These are the times you ask others what has worked for them and share your knowledge about the materials and techniques that have worked for you.

Share your experiments in a private, friendly community

Social media causes us to scrutinize everything we create to the point of only showing our best work. What about honest feedback, free from trolls? That's what a private community is good at.

(Note: trolls will get the James Bond ejector seat treatment)

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